Refund Policy

Digital Products

*Refunds will not be issued for digital products*

All digital plans, services, e-books, audits, and recordings, being non-tangible, irrevocable goods are instantly delivered to the preferred email address that a customer enters at checkout. For any technical issues please contact our customer care team at

Physical Products 

For physical products only, in the event your order is:

  • Damaged or Broken
  • Not Deliverable/Returned to Sender

you will be issued an e-Gift card in the form of store credit for the purchase price of your items (minus the 10% restocking fee and shipping fees). In the event you'd like us to reship your package, you will be charged a shipping fee of your choice.

All clothing is final sale. No returns, exchanges, or refunds for clothing.

Redeeming An E-Gift Card In The Form of Store Credit

  • To redeem a e-gift card is quick and easy. Simply click on the link within your e-gift card e-mail. The link will then take you to log into your account or create an account if you do not have one. Please note, you can only use e-gift cards on the ODP account that is associated with the e-mail address that you received your e-gift card through.
  • Once logged in the value of the e-gift card will automatically be added to your account balance. You can check your account balance on your account page or when you are logged in at checkout. Your account balance can be used alongside other payment methods.
  • If you have multiple accounts, we are unable to merge or move any account credit over to another account.
  • Your e-gift card can only be used to make purchases online in the same county and currency the e-gift card was bought from. Any purchases made using any amount on your e-gift card by you or any other person will be subject to our website Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • If the entire amount on your e-gift card has not been spent, the remaining balance will still be credited to your account. E-gift cards are good for one year.
  • The amount on your e-gift card can be used towards the purchase amount of items that are priced higher than the balance of your e-gift card, provided that you or the user completing the transaction also pay the difference for such items using one of our prescribed payment methods.

E-Gift Card Expiration Date

E-Gift cards issued in the form of store credit will expire one year from the issue date. The e-Gift card balance will be forfeited if the funds aren't used within one year.